8 WEEKS (Rs. 145000)


Make-up artist course run three days a week from 12.00pm to 5.00pm

Fees for your 8 weeks Professional fashion makeup training (three days a week)

Includes photo shoot with professional models and photographer

INR 1,45,000


Subjects covered in 8 weeks Professional fashion makeup training

  • Theoretical study of Face shapes/Analysis with practical application
  • Application and blending techniques
  • Highlighting and shading
  • Brow shaping/Trimming
  • Product knowledge
  • Concealing/Blending
  • Natural makeup (close-up and long shot) for black and white and colour photography
  • Bridal makeup
  • False eyelashes
  • Lip correction
  • Fashion/catwalk makeup
  • Fantasy makeup
  • Evening/Dramatic and glamorous makeup (close-up and long shot)
  • for black and white, colour photography, and fashion shows
  • Stills photographic makeup (colour and black & white)
  • Fashion and beauty period make-up, 1920 – 1970, as well as with emphasis on the latest trends
  • Makeup for men; Actors and Models
  • Application and blending techniques for high definition media
  • Creative make up for pop and promotional video
  • Editorial makeup
  • Airbrush makeup
  • Airbrush bridal makeup
  • Airbrush fashion makeup
  • Airbrush body tan makeup
  • Airbrush body painting
  • Airbrush Face painting
  • Temporary Tattoo making
  • Corrective/Camouflage Makeup
  • Light theory
  • Industry standard
  • Call sheets and how to understand them
  • Script research, including breaking down a script
  • Lectures on lighting, industry procedures and preparation for assignments
  • Continuity
  • On set makeup etiquette
  • Studio based photo shoot with a professional photographer and
  • professional models to introduce portfolio building


All students are provided with a full, professional make-up kit for the training purpose which is included in the prices for our courses.

We enroll a maximum of 3 to 4 students only in a batch, to ensure a more personalized training.

This course places a heavy emphasis on:

  • High Definition Products & Techniques
  • Storytelling Creation for Videos
  • Makeup for Daytime & Evening TV
  • Set Etiquette Training
  • Role Playing: TV & Music Video Clients
  • How to pull inspirations & more!
  • Introduction to Period Makeup
  • History of the Decades
  • 1920s to 2000s Lip & Eyebrow Applications
  • Contouring - Face & Eye Shapes
  • Retro/Pinup Makeup
  • Period Influences & Styles & more!
  • Editorial & Fashion Shoot Makeup
  • Trend Forecasting from the Runway
  • Professional bridal makeup and understanding clients
  • Guidelines for Prepping for Shoots
  • Understanding Hair & Fashion Styling
  • Airbush Makeup skills
  • Marketing Yourself for Fashion Industry & more!
  • History & Hygiene
  • Color Theory
  • Fashion Makeup
  • Day & Evening Makeup
  • Brushes & Setup
  • Bridal Makeup
  • TV/ Video Makeup
  • Mature & Male Makeup
  • Business, Branding, Marketing


If you are an aspiring artist or, an artist wanting to brush up on their current makeup skills, this course is for you!

This is our master program and encompasses our entire curriculum.

You will master beauty and fashion makeup artistry and go on to acquire the knowledge, techniques, and on-set experiences to work in film and television.



As a makeup training center our commitment is to exceed our student's expectations and encourage the evolution of every artist's individual style.

Our makeup training center graduates realize their dreams and develop lucrative careers in our industry.

Makeup training center is dedicated to provide students with the technical training required for a career in the fashion, entertainment, and beauty industries.

Our programs are designed to meet the needs of serious makeup artists who want instruction beyond the basic makeup school training.

Our graduates work in a diverse range of careers, including collaborating on magazine shoots and fashion show working on music videos, providing freelance services for weddings and other special events and working with actors and celebrities in films and television.

Our specialised makeup course that allow you to focus on an area of expertise related to your career goals, as well as perfect for beginners.

In addition to our experience, we have a number of resources that allow all students studying at our makeup training center to have a truly hands-on learning experience.

These include a makeup studio, photo studio, portfolio development, and real job assistance.

Training just for you.....



Make-up Training

Extensive practical in the field experience. Founded by Nahush a Passionate Makeup artist with an experience of more than 13 years in the industry. Makeup training center opened its doors in Mumbai city in 2009 as a professional studio that educates aspiring and established artists. It is best known for its one-of-a-kind 8-Week Professional Makeup Artistry Course carefully designed to teach the fundamentals and techniques of makeup artistry. The studio boasts an intense and comprehensive curriculums.

Mission Statement

Makeup training studio is dedicated to providing our aspiring artists with the techniques and skills needed to succeed in the industry of makeup artistry, as well as creative, hands-on training, helpful career guidance.


we believe in makeup as a true art and an ultimate passion that is embedded in every artist, hidden until inspired and ready to be cultivated. We believe in intimate class settings with no more than three students per instructor to ensure the best experience. And most importantly, we believe in our students and their ability to grow and succeed in the world of professional makeup artistry.

Why choose us?

First and foremost, our students and alumni receive the ultimate Treatment. Our experience offer our students a comprehensive, hands-on curriculum taught exclusively in intimate class settings and a studio environment. Our course kits consist of top-brand cosmetics, including Cinema secrets, Bennye, Benefit, Make Up For Ever, to name a few.

Secondly our makeup artistry learning module is one of its kind. our 8-Week (three days a week) program allows students to focus solely on the fundamentals and techniques of makeup artistry. Upon succesfull completion of the program, students receive a “Certificate of Professional Makeup Artistry” and have an opportunity to participate in a professional photo shoot to begin their portfolios.

Our philosophy is that you can only learn so much in a class-room environment.

To truly understand and appreciate the industry in which you will work, you need to get out there and work in it first! Throughout their studies with us, students are offered many non-compulsory Work Experience opportunities. As all Work Experience opportunities are real life situations (as opposed to simulated class room activities), Work Experience can arise at any time so you need to be prepared!

Part of your training here it is to be prepared for all Work Experience that comes your way.

After all, this is what it's like in the Industry, so what better way to learn it than to do so while you're studying with us.

Throughout the years, Makeup training center students have worked on events ranging from fashion parades, to short films, to TV programs, to catalogues, to newsprint photo shoots and more! In many cases, students will be asked to work alongside us on high-profile events.


In order to obtain industry bookings, you must have a professional portfolio. A portfolio shows the quality and range of your work. You will need to show it during an interview with an agency, potential client, or other decision maker.

Our professional photographer will help you build your portfolio with a variety of media looks.

All students receive a CD of their work. Upon graduation, you will be ready to market your skills.

Makeup artistry can be an exciting and challenging career by virtue of the personalities that place themselves under your brushes.

Makeup artists are hired to shape the image of actors, news anchors, musicians/entertainers, models, political figures, athletes, authors, and industry CEOs, just to name a few.

Students learn how to break down a script and bid on projects, how to look for work, prepare their portfolio and resume, and learn terminology and set etiquette.

We also encourage students to work in the industry while they are attending school.

With your instructor who is a working makeup artist, students start networking from day one.

With a reputation that is second to none in the Makeup Industry, the world-class training program offered at the Makeup training center is simply the best in India.

Here's what makes the Makeup Training Center your first choice when it comes to investing in your career in makeup.

Here at makeup training center - sharing a wealth of education, the makeup training center is experienced, knowledgeable and professional.

The Makeup training center simply is your best choice when it comes to your career as a Makeup Artist.