Your Questions (FAQ)

Question 1. Any age bar to enrol on the course?
Anyone above 18 years of age can join our makeup training center.


Question 2. Do i need any qualifications or previous experience in make-up to enrol on the course?
Not required.


Question 3. Do you personally teach makeup?
Yes, Nahush will personally attend all the sessions to teach and share all the successful experience of 15 years in the industry. Nahush has been commanding highly successful career in all aspects of makeup for years. His current work provides invaluable insights into the latest looks and trends.

For more information on his work feel free to visit


Question 4. How do i enrol?
You must complete the application form (which is available by filling in our contact form and send it with a cheque for the course fee. We will send you a receipt with your acceptance letter.


Question 5. What distinguishes your master classes from those of others?
What distinguishes our makeup training center from other classes is the personal connection made with students.
We have small class sizes, in order to accommodate the technical ability to be learned, and beyond that, we are constantly in touch with students to help them secure work on their resumes, portfolio, etc. We love what we do, and it shows.


Question 6. What qualification will i receive after the course?
You will be given a completion certificate after the course. However, photographers, magazine editors, film, television, etc. Will give you work on the strength of your portfolio alone.
So we provide a customized portfolio built for our every student along with the certificate.


Question 7. Is your curriculum comprehensive in all areas of makeup artistry (ie. Beauty, fashion, video, f/x, etc.) or does the school specialize in specific areas?
Our makeup training offers several options for the aspiring artist or those working artists who want advanced makeup training.
We offer different intensive programs covering all aspects of fashion, bridal, television, film, theatre, special effects, prosthetics, and airbrush. Our courses are fully comprehensive.
Students learn relevant, practical etiquette in each course to prepare them for work upon their completion. 10% of each course's grade is designated to "professionalism", including the student's attendance, attitude in class and the set-up of their workstation.


Question 8. Is there any material fee?
There is no material fee charged on our students. Our students need not carry any makeup material, we provide all the necessary professional makeup kit and tools for each student required while training.


Question 9. Does the makeup training center have any accreditation?
Fashion make up is a creative profession, unlike beauty therapy which involves special training in the use of chemicals and the anatomy, which can be dangerous and where accreditation is valid. Therefore, as with other creative schools e.g. Art schools accreditation is not needed.
We are proud to teach and share with our students all the experience and art that we have gathered over the years.


Question 10. Do you teach applications specific for high definition and new media?
We teach techniques and application for creating flawless skin with hd and new media in mind. We are trained in creating looks for hd television, with modern makeup techniques.


Question 11. What jobs are available in makeup artistry?
Professional makeup artists are more in demand than ever before. Here are the job opportunities for makeup artists.

  • magazines
  • modeling agencies
  • movies
  • advertisements
  • print media
  • portfolio
  • fashion catalogue
  • music videos
  • runway shows
  • television
  • theater
  • cosmetic co
  • bridal/wedding


Question 12. Will the course help me to find work?
No school will look for work on your behalf. However, you will be given a list of mumbai-based contacts to get in touch with directly. Photographers and stylists do sometimes request make up artists from us for portfolio shoots and paid jobs, an invaluable link which has led to some of our top ex-students building their careers.
When the occasion arises, we have always asked our students who have completed the course for lots of our projects.


Question 13. What guarantee do i have of a successful career as a make up artist?
A school can not guarantee that a student will be successful. Only your talent, perseverance and determination can guarantee success. But, instead all our students portfolio do guarantee us that we have produced the best set of makeup artist for the future. (please see our students portfolio section)


Question 14. I'm an out-of-state student, what housing is available?
Our makeup training center is situated in the heart of mumbai, there are plenty of pg accommodations available all over.


Question 15. What products do you use for class work?
We use all top makeup brands cosmetics. Within class, students use products from companies such as, make up for ever, cinema secrets, bobbi brown, nars, and more! These products are found in the student's makeup kits.
The school does not endorse any one product or brand.


Question 16. When can i visit your makeup training center?
You are welcome to visit our makeup training center, please note we see people on a one to one basis by prior appointment only.


Question 17. Do you have any branches in other cities?
Our makeup training center is based in mumbai only. We have no branches anywhere else.


Question 18. Do you offer instructions for the business side of makeup i.e., set protocol and portfolio marketing?
Business, branding, and marketing is an integral part of our eighth week professional makeup course, where students learn how to market themselves and create a business around their craft.
I use my personal experience, including the agency representation and set protocol aspects.


Question 19. How often is the curriculum updated to include new trends?
Our curriculum is constantly being fine tuned with updated trends, however the structure of it is re-evaluated each year to maintain vital, modern information. The goal is to be consistent yet, provide the student the most current and necessary education.


Question 20. Do you offer both private and group classes?
Yes! Our 2 months course is within a group setting, however we do private custom workshops, that are 2 to 4 days, depending on the topic and needs of the student, we call them 1on1 workshops.


Question 21. Does the school provide a means by which students can digitally photograph all of their work?
Yes you can use our facility to help record all you work progress and finally after successful completion of the course you will get a chance to get your portfolio made in a professional photo studio working on real models. Your portfolio consists of all kinds of makeup to showcase your brilliant work to the professional world to generate good business.


For more information on how you can be a make up star of tomorrow, browse our website and feel free to contact us to discuss your requirements.